#001 Dragon head

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Dragon head for Art Dolls to paint and process yourself, DIY

Product Information

This dragon head is for art doll artists who want to build a posable doll and still need a fancy head.
You can choose the size of the head and whether you want it with or without eyes, which means: do you want to paint the eyes yourself or use finished ones from the back?

If you have an idea for a head, I would be happy to model and print a new one for you.
Price on request.

Terms of Use:
I retain copyright to all my artwork.
The parts may not be molded and duplicated.

Size or Dimensions

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5 - 10 cm

Product Details

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The head has been cleaned and freed from the supports needed for printing. 
If you want the head to be printed in a different color, let me know beforehand. Otherwise I print it in grey.
Other colors available are: black, white, transparent. 

Material: 3D printed resin

Special Instructions

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Your first 3D print? If so, I would like to help you with the further processing. 

This head was printed with an LCD 3D printer. A special resin is irradiated with UV light and thus hardened. 

Such a printed part has peaks, valleys and protruding parts, which is why it needs to be supported during printing. These supports, also called supports, are attached to the part and leave bumps when removed. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided. But I try to sand and conceal them a little beforehand. Broken or separately printed parts, e.g. B. horns, can be connected with superglue together. 

For mobility, I modeled the jaw so that there is some space between the joint discs of the lower jaw and the recess in the upper jaw so that a thin fabric can be glued to the joint discs. This is used to squeeze everything together and allow the jaw to open and close softly. 

To connect both halves of the head, a wire is pulled through the two existing holes and cut off just short of the edge. The holes are best closed with a two-component mass or a very thick UV gel that is hardened under a UV lamp. The leg pieces are joined together in the same way. The head or legs can be connected to the wire or doll skeleton using hot glue. 

Before you paint the parts, they should be thoroughly degreased, e.g. B. with silicone remover. This way the acrylic paint can adhere well. Finally, after everything is painted and dried, I recommend fixing everything with a matt varnish. 

With or without eyes? 

Wanted your head printed with eyes to paint yourself? 

You can get your eyes really shiny with a UV glossy sealing gel from the nail salon. 

Have you decided on a head without eyes and would you like to make the eyes yourself or insert finished eyes from behind? Then the eyes can be fixed with a two-component mass or hot glue. 


Now it's your turn to create something spectacular and unique from your blank. 

Have fun!